ALSA driver for raop_play

Compile and Install:

        Get source code and extract tar.gz file.
        (the deb package doesn't include this module.)
        cd drivers
        (become the root user)
        make install

How to play:

          * mplayer: mplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=1.0 song_file
          * mpg321:  mpg321 -o alsa09 -a hw:1,0 song_file

        If you don't want to use the gui, you can run raop_play from the command line, but
        you need to know the ip address of your AEX.
          * raop_play your_aex_ip /tmp/pcmout

        To use as KDE sound system, go to 'Control Center' - 'Sound System' - 'Hardware',
        check 'Override device loaction' and set the device name like 'hw:1,0'

Known issues:

Short description about the program:

        alsa_raoppcm is a simple alsa pcm driver, which gets sound data from the upper alsa
        layer and feed the data to a character device instead of audio hardware.

        The character device is also created in the same driver and which has dynamically
        assigned major node. It can be seen in /proc/devices once the module is successfully

        raop_play reads pcm data from that character device.  When there is no data from the
        device, raop_play keeps sending a small silent data and tries not to be disconnected.

Shiro Ninomiya <shiron_AT_snino_DOT_com>